Techcorp have stolen vital data and we need you to get it back. It's to be an in and out job. Leave no evidence, which means no killing, but feel free to stun guards to your heart's content. Also the guards seem to be aliens?! Avoid raising the alarm but if you do slip up then zap the security monitors to quiet things down again. If things get too hot, we'll pull you out. Any questions? Good luck agent Spark.


Arrow keys

z to jump

x to zap


Download 6 MB


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I got stuck somewhere because of my poor platformer skills hahaha.

Anyway, this was a nice little game. I'm glad to see people using fantasy consoles for this game jam. It's hard to convey appearances or make sprites readable with such a tiny space and I think you did a good job on that!

Hi Artsybarrels, thank you for playing and for setting up the jam!

Only need fix the jumps.

Hey Ofihombre, thanks for the feedback. I agree. I think if I did it again I'd make it at a higher resolution for smoother movement etc.